Teams That Won’t Win the Super Bowl Any Time Soon

Teams That Won’t Win the Super Bowl Any Time Soon

Teams That Won’t Win the Super Bowl Any Time Soon

Despite all NFL franchises achieving some degree of success at some point in their existence, a select number of teams in the league today are showing no signs of life. The following are just a few of the NFL teams that wont be winning a Super Bowl anytime soon.

Cleveland Browns

Despite achieving a respectable amount of success during their first few decades of existence, the Cleveland Browns have fallen off the face of the earth over the past five or so seasons, establishing themselves as the laughing stock of the NFL in the process. With their last Super Bowl victory coming in 1964, the Browns haven’t made the playoffs since 2002, and have quite honestly struggled to win games in recent seasons. To complicate things, the Browns have been subject to further questions after the Johnny Manziel saga. The Browns are currently winless on the season, and would consider it a success to find the win column just once this year and avoid the dreaded 0-16 year.

Philadelphia Eagles

Although the Eagles have proved to be much more of a Super Bowl threat than the Browns over the past 50 years, they still don’t show much potential to claim their first ring since 1960. With playoff appearances in 2010 and 2013, the Eagles were able to post records that were good enough to get them into the playoffs, but never really challenged the elite teams in the NFL. The future looks like it will depend on Carson Wentz and company to bring another ring, but at this point the roster is nowhere near built enough.

San Diego Chargers

A franchise that has only one Super Bowl appearance to its name, the San Diego Chargers certainly don’t look like anywhere near a contending team with an aging Phillip Rivers at quarterback and an astonishingly bad defense. A franchise that actually produced some competitive teams in the 1980s, the Chargers are a walking example of why sports in San Diego simply doesn’t work in the modern era. Perhaps a move from Qualcomm Stadium can work to move the team back in a positive direction. But until then, the Chargers will continue to play in front of an empty building and produce just a few wins a year.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Despite just 22 years in existence, the Jacksonville Jaguars have showed little to excite their hometown fans in south Florida. The highlight of over two decades of football has been one division championship, with just six overall playoff appearances. As of right now, the team relies on Blake Bortles and a host of mediocre wide receivers, which has typically been enough to muster up a couple wins per year over recent seasons. The Jaguars will need to either get lucky in the draft one of these years, or invest some money into a free agent which can bring some hope of a Super Bowl to Jacksonville.

Miami Dolphins

If you were to talk about the Miami Dolphins of ten or twenty years ago, then certainly a Super Bowl contending team would be the topic of conversation. Over its existence the franchise has experienced 22 playoff appearances and three super bowl victories. However, the Fins have only reached the postseason once since the 2002 season, and have posted mediocre to terrible records out of the AFC East for the last decade. To make matters even worse, they will continue to play the New England Patriots twice a season, a task that no team would ask for at this point.

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