Top 5 Individual Performances in Super Bowl History

Top 5 Individual Performances in Super Bowl History

Top 5 Individual Performances in Super Bowl History

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events of the year, so naturally it makes sense for players to get nervous beforehand and not perform as well. That being said, there are those who perform their absolute best in the spotlight, and in this list I’m going to examine each of their accomplishments.

5.) To start of the list, let’s take a look at Von Miller’s astounding performance in Super Bowl 50. Von Miller anchored what was perhaps the greatest defense since the 2000 Ravens. Miller has 2.5 sacks, and 6 total tackles. Two of those sacks were strip sacks, and ultimately led to a total of 15 points for the Broncos. Without Miller on defense, it’s quite possible that Came Newton could’ve had a successful game, ultimately resulting in Peyton Manning not obtaining his second ring.

4.) Phil Simms may not be a top 5 all time quarterback, but he certainly performed like one in Super Bowl XXI. He posted the highest quarterback rating in Super Bowl history (150.9), a record that still stands today. He completed 22 of 25 touchdowns, three of which were for touchdowns.

3.) In Super Bowl XXIII, Jerry Rice went absolutely insane. The phenomenal receiver hauled in 11 receptions for an astounding 215 yards, a Super Bowl record. Rice has had his share of amazing Super Bowl performances, but this one has earned a spot on this list. He made a crucial touchdown grab in the fourth quarter to help tie the game. Rice is one of the all time greats, and this Super Bowl is a prime example of why.

2.) Joe Montana is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, and he demonstrated why in Super Bowl XXIV. Montana threw for 297 yards and 5 touchdowns, a Super Bowl record at the time, in a crushing rout of the Denver Broncos. Montana had four incredible Super Bowls, but while the others may have been more contested than this one, he didn’t shine quite as statistically bright. He will always be remembered for his late game heroics against the Bengals, but he won’t be forgotten by spectators of Super Bowl XXIV anytime soon. Montana’s record 5 touchdowns in the Super Bowl displayed just how dominant he was in his era. After all, he was dueling against a Broncos team led by fellow Hall of Fame member John Elway. On that day however, no one thought that Elway would end up in the hall of fame, as Montana made the entire Broncos squad look pathetic.

1.) While Montana had an amazing performance in Super Bowl XXIV, it doesn’t quite match up to the legendary game that his backup had in Super Bowl XXIX. Before Steve Young emerged as an elite quarterback, he was just the backup quarterback for the 49ers. When Montana got injured and was traded away, many 49ers fans didn’t even want Young to start, they wanted their old quarterback to return. As a result, Young faced scrutiny throughout his career and lived in Joe Montana’s enormous shadow. It’s because of this that Super Bowl XXIV is absolutely vital to Steve Young’s legacy. Young went in knowing that his predecessor had been successful in previous Super Bowls, setting numerous records and making defenses look helpless. In response, Young absolutely obliterated the opposition on that day. Throwing for 325 yards and a new Super Bowl record 6 touchdown passes. He led the 49ers to a 49-26 win over the Chargers, earning the franchise’s fifth Super Bowl. In the process, Young also broke his predecessor’s record for touchdown passes in a Super Bowl.

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